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STRING FOLDING MACHINE is specially developed by FAGU for the folding of string coming out of the flow wrap at high speeds. These machines use a combination of servos and sensors for folds of specific lengths. SFM is used by Customers with products in string format. Formats like 1x5, 2x5, 4x3, 5x5 etc. In addition to the Folding Machine, a collation system can also be incorporated into them to make stacks of folded strings. Speeds up to 330PPM can be achieved with these machines.

FAGU Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. | Usha Machine Tools manufactures sachet string folding machine that fold sachet strings.


7" Colour Touch Screen

PLC Controlled System

Rejection System for Strings

Servo Controlled Accurate Folding 

Suitable for all types of sachets

Multiple Matrix Recipes

Collation / Stacking Unit (Optional)

Extra Long String Folding (Optional)

Ind 4.0 Compliant (Optional)

Ultra-Clean Version (Optional)


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