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Z-Folding Machine 240 PPM

The upstream machine helps the product travel to a conveyor that adjoins to the pulling rollers. The sensors positioned on an in-feed conveyor determine the length of the strings coming from the upstream machine and signals the PLC to reject the faulty strings from the system. These are a set of 2 rollers molded with silicone rubber. The drive of these rollers is synchronized with the inlet conveyor. The entry pulse of the incoming string is picked by a sensor and is passed to the PLC. The servo-driven Z-fold conveyor receives the signal from the PLC to start the cycle. The Z fold is formed and passed to the inlet conveyor of the collation system. This collation system consists of grippers and a cylinder mechanism. Folded strings are collated with an alternate 180⁰ rotation for better stability.

Product Info

Length of Sachet

Width of Sachet

Type of Product


Machine Dimensions


Net Load

Matrix Types


Air Consumption


Rejection System











4x3/ as per requirement





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