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FAGU Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. | Usha Machine Tools manufacture Soap Billeting Machines with multiple lanes options to billet soap tablets of different thickness with accuracy with a steady speed of upto 510 Tablets per minute

FAGU'S Soap Billeting Machine is specially developed for accurately cutting pre-formed Glycerine Soap Bars from Schist Collers at high speeds. These machines use a combination of servos working on a flying shear mechanism to perform cuts on the soap bars. SBM is used by multinationals with high production facilities of Glycerince/Transparent Soaps. Soap tablets of different thicknesses can be cut from these machines. Soaps are accurately cut and transferred to the inspection conveyor for further processing.  Speeds up to 510 TPM can be achieved in these machines.

All safety features like door switches, safety switches, pressure gauges, safety relays, etc., make this machine user-friendly and safe to operate.

FAGU Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. | Usha Machine Tools incorporate high-precision servo cutting stations in their soap billeting machines


Using a combination of high-precision servo and electrical make the accurate cutting of soap tablets possible.

FAGU Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. | Usha Machine Tools uses positional indicators mounted on the conveyors in their Soap Billeting Machines.


No-Change parts for similar shaped bars of different heights. Width adjusted using the positional indicators mounted on the conveyor is the only setting necessary.


Belt Safety

Compact Design

7" Colour Touch Screen

Motion Controller System

Flying Shear Mechanism

Cam & Timing Pulley Drive

Ind 4.0 Compliant (Optional)

Ultra-Clean Version

Suitable for all types of Transparent Soaps

UL/CE Compliant (Optional)

Multiple Recipe Selection

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